You do not have to walk through the process alone.  Accept the support you deserve.

When the sexual integrity of your marriage is breached by the use of pornography, affairs, or unhealthy boundaries, coaching can help you move from fear and anger to a place of clarity and empower you for your next steps.

Coaching is not therapy although you may find the process very therapeutic.   As your coach, I can help you establish a plan of action and help you be the very best that you can be by championing you.  I will help motivate you to do things beyond what you think you are able to do.

Tami Oliver 

Certified  Christian Coach 

If you are faced with the knowledge of sexual betrayal you might be asking yourself these questions:

As your support coach, I can offer you:

  • Validation of the pain that sexual betrayal has on you and your marriage
  • Information about sexual addiction and the process of recovery
  • Help with setting a plan for your next steps
  • Support establishing healthy boundaries
  • Clarity on your role in the recovery process
  • Tools for identifying your personal strengths
  • Hope and encouragement that there can be a very bright future and greater intimacy on the other side of recovery
  • Is this my fault?

  • Why can't he just stop the behavior?
  • Will I ever be able to trust him again?
  • Can he overcome this?
  • Why do I need support if he is the one with the problem?
  • Is there hope for my marriage?
  • What can I do if he will not stop looking at pornography?
  • Will coaching help me even if he refuses to get help?

You deserve answers to all these questions and more.  Coaching will allow you the opportunity to be validated in your pain but also give you the opportunity for self discovery and growth.  You are now on a journey that might look hopeless at times but you are not powerless in your circumstance. There is support, education of the addiction, and empowerment waiting for you.  Accept the support you deserve!

Tami Oliver,

Certified Christian Coach