Doug Oliver, SRC

Ph:  318-290-1240


A time of rebuilding relationships, integrity, and trust

What can life coaching do for you?


If you are interested in daily communication and accountability,  please ask about the Daily Walk with the Coach  option. 


Maintaining your new lifestyle and reclaiming what was "taken" from you.

Through continued weekly coaching sessions, you will learn how to restore your broken relationships and rebuild trust.  The Helping Her Heal series will help you understand the hurt and pain that your spouse may be experiencing.  I will also support you on your journey to complete freedom with a 12 step recovery program designed specifically for sexual issues.

Coaching is not therapy although the process might be therapeutic.  Therapists typically focus on addressing issues rooted in the past.  Life coaching is unlike sports coaching which focuses on performance and winning or losing.  A certified life coach helps you establish a plan of action and  helps you be the very best that you can be by championing  you.  A coach will motivate you to do things beyond what you thought you were able to do.

At this stage in your journey, you will be well on your way to walking and thinking like a new man.  With continued monthly coaching sessions, you can now take ownership and responsibility over your thoughts and actions.  You will have learned how to turn your negatives into positives and your "CANNOTs" into "I CANs"!

As your life coach, I can offer you the following:

For those wanting freedom from pornography, lust, and sexual addictions, I offer a 3 step intensive program designed to achieve success.


90 days of cleansing the mind and purifying the heart

 In 12 weekly face to face or phone coaching sessions, I will share specific tools and techniques that will help you stop negative behaviors and also increase your awareness of your specific triggers.  You will learn to set boundaries and establish accountability which will increase your success on this journey.  You will learn to control your thoughts rather than allowing your thoughts to control you.

  • Set a plan for change
  • Identify & eliminate obstacles
  • Establish boundaries
  • Help you become accountable
  • Provide proven tools and techniques for changing negative behaviors
  • Offer support and accountability
  • Coaching offered by phone, Skype, or in person