I never thought I could be free from pornography!  Working with Doug has been a game changer.  I won't say it was easy, but it has been well worth the effort.


  I am a grateful recovering sex addict.  I was addicted to pornography, masturbation and an immoral lifestyle for years.  I desperately needed to get free, but wasn't sure quite how.  I met Doug, who has truly shown me the path of recovery.  The tools he has shown me, have been amazing!!  These tools include prayer, daily disciplines, recovery material, identifying with scripture, and understanding the importance of calling others.  I will truly never be the same.  I am clean from porn and masturbation. New power is flowing in! Thank you Lord Jesus!!  And thanks so much, Doug!


As a Sexual Recovery Coach, Doug's training and experience can help someone walk the path of recovery with a competent and compassionate guide.                                         

                             Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.